DeMatha switches to new service hour tracking system

DeMatha switches to new service hour tracking system

Darin Martin, Editor

DeMatha has recently switched to a new service hours tracking system. A new app-based service hours system called Mobileserve allows students to digitally log their hours at the location they were completed and helps give them a visual representation of how many hours they have completed. Mobileserve also allows students to submit photos, geotag, and find service opportunities in one place. 

Mobileserve, similar to the old Google form link, requires students to submit the name, date, and name of the organization you worked with in order to submit hours. You are required to provide a supervisor name and email address. An email will then be sent to that address as confirmation of the completed hours. There are two types of service that are allowed to be submitted. Juniors and seniors are required to perform service that involves direct contact with those that are being served while freshmen and sophomores may submit non-contact service hour

Mrs. Bright, Director of Christian Service, talked about the inspiration behind the switch to Mobileserve. “We didn’t feel that students had good enough access to their own service hours,” she said. “We wanted to find an easier way to give students access to their service hours through their [DeMatha] email.”

The new system has been met with mixed reactions by DeMatha students. Junior Vicente Modesto likes the new system. “I prefer the new way for sure,” he stated. “It’s more convenient.”

Meanwhile, fellow junior Antonio Succi prefers the old way. He reasons that “Mobileserve was hard to set up.” He continued, “I was unsure if the hours I submitted were counted or not.”

A new feature made available by Mobileserve is the ability to request a signature from a supervisor present in order to give additional authorization. This is not required, however. Once this is done, you can submit the hours and wait for Mrs. Bright’s approval. 

This new service system applies to freshmen, sophomores, and juniors only. Seniors will stick with the old system of filling out the Google form link found on the christian service website for the rest of this year.