Agree or Disagree? Winner for February

Christopher Smith, contributor

Congratulations to Christopher Smith for winning last months Agree or Disagree? feature. Here was his response to The XFL will be twice as good as the NFL when it makes its return in 2019:

Last XFL was based on gimmicks, and that never works for long. Is there anything more gimmicky than a “no arrest” rule to show off patriotism, that would ban Carl Lewis, Kurt Angle, Hulk Hogan, George W Bush, and Medal of Honor recipient Kyle Carpenter from having anything to do with that league?

AAA baseball survives for one reason. The MLB pays 100% of the players and coaches salaries. D league basketball only here because the NBA bankrolls it.

Since the AFL succeeded we’ve seen the… Arena league, AF2, Continental Football League, fxfl, IFL, ipfl, pifl, psfl, UFL, usfl, wfl, XFL, Afa, UNGL, nypfl, mcfl, NFL Europe, PCP FL, SFL, tfl, Wfa, fle, epfl, and probably quite a few others I forget all fail.

In the end a reboot of the XFL is going to be exactly what it was last time. Bad football played in a league where it’s MVP candidates are the guys that can’t make the Cleveland Browns practice squad.

Only difference is this time while TV ratings are dropping like crazy (wwe raw lost 70% of it’s viewers since 2001), NFLs are way up vs where they were in 2001. In 01 games with eagles and Pats in heir conf championships watched by 33/37 mil fans. This year 44/42 mil watched those games. And not one person was streaming the game in 2001. Millions are today that are not in that total.

Since the XFL went bankrupt we’ve seen more than a dozen other leagues also fail. The best secondary football league in the past 50 years for success is the AFL. They lost an entire season reorganizing a couple years ago. Last year the league champion folded. They have 8 current teams and 54 defunct ones.

Remember the last time we saw the XFL it set a record for the lowest rating for a prime time broadcast (big 4 network) show in television history. The next week it broke its own record. The following week it broke it again.

The XFL does have hype right now. Just like Paris Hilton had a lot of hype 12 years ago when she released her Paris album. But just like I would bet on the NFL, I would have also bet that Mary J Blige would have more Grammy nominations.