Correction – DeMatha’s athletic vaccination policy


Cory Puffett '10, Advisor

An article published October 20 by Thomas Krukar and reviewed by myself incorrectly stated DeMatha’s student-athlete vaccine mandate does not apply to a player on the baseball team because he had Covid in September 2021. This is not accurate and the article has been corrected.

While athletes who recently had Covid when DeMatha’s vaccine mandate took effect on October 1 were not required to be vaccinated at that point in time to continue participating with their team, provided they had recovered and met all other clearance requirements for returning to activity, it is not a policy that having Covid gives athletes an exemption from the vaccine mandate in perpetuity. All athletes must be vaccinated to meet DeMatha’s requirements for participation in a sport; for those who recently recovered from Covid before the mandate took effect, that deadline is determined by DeMatha’s athletic trainers and the athletes’ doctors.