What Was the Best Decade for DeMatha Sports?



Tristan Hunter, Staff Writer

DeMatha Catholic High School is known nationally known throughout the country for it’s sports program. The DeMatha Athletic program was top 3 in the country in 2005 and 2007 ranked by Sports Illustrated. Over its 76 year history the DeMatha sports program has won over 170 league champions, the most in the Washington Catholic Athletic Conference (WCAC).

One of the biggest reasons for DeMatha having such a dominant sports program is having many Hall of Fame coaches. Morgan Wootton for Basketball, Bill McGregor for Football, Dick Messier for Wrestling, Mike Jones for Basketball, Elijah Brooks for Football, Buddy Crutchfield for Track and Field, Dick Long and so on. But to decide which is the best decade for DeMatha sports comes down to a couple factors.

Some of the factors are championships, and how many alumni from that decade may or may not went pro. Out of all the decades there really is 2 contestants here; the 90s and the 2000s. In the 90s, DeMatha brought home 47 trophies to Madison Street, and 6 alumni that graduated in the 90s went pro, most notably Brian Westbrook and Derek Mills. It came really close but the 2000s had 46 championships, 1 shy from the 90s. But the 2000s had 12 alumni that went pro, most notably Paul Rabil, Rodney McLeod, Josh Wilson, Jordan Graye and Bret Cecil.

After extensive research, the 2000s decade is was the best decade for DeMatha sports. Even though they had less championships total they produced 5 more pro alumni and as mentioned in the beginning of the article the Athletic Department as a whole was top 3 in the country twice. So therefore the 2000s was the best decade for DeMatha Sports.