Last Minute Tests

Myles Plummer, Writer

The 1st quarter had ended on a disappointing note for many seniors due to teachers of different subjects assigning tests. This would have them study for four or more tests on the last week of the quarter. Many seniors would be left cramming information because of this.

Many seniors are the most affected by these last minute tests. Because this is the time that they should use their grades to apply to colleges, seniors have complained about these “last minute” tests and how they are hurting their grades.

Last minute tests are unnecessary. They force students who are already tired and stressed from the work load to cram information to try to save their grades from dropping tremendously because of how much a test can weigh.

For example, seniors could have a B in a subject but after they took a test on the last week of the quarter, their grade can drop to a C or worse meaning that they would have to end the quarter with that final quarter grade.

A possible solution to this problem would be that on the last week of every quarter, teachers would only assign class work to students. This would help students to a greater letter grade, or they would be able to slightly boost their grade.