I Stand With Brett

Alex Krukar, Editor

Everybody is aware of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and the trials and tribulations he had to endure to get to his seat. While some people may say that this is old news, I think that it is better to talk about this in hindsight, when all the facts of the case have been made clear.

The bottom line is that justice prevailed, and Justice Kavanaugh was confirmed. The effort by Christine Blasey Ford and the Democrats to derail him was sickening and an embarrassment in American politics. In any other logical court case, this would not make it past the lower courts. When an accuser has trouble naming the year, let alone the location of the house and many other key details, it is the duty of the American public and its lawmakers to be weary of her story.

Kavanaugh in his testimony was visibly angry, as he should have been. While some people would make the claim that he was not showcasing a good Supreme Court Justice attitude, I believe that he was completely justified. Anyone who has ever been accused of something they did not do will attest to the anger you feel when someone is trying to slander your name and ruin your career.

In this case, the reverse of our justice system was true. Instead of Kavanaugh being innocent until proven guilty, he was guilty until proven innocent. Blasey Ford came forward with minimal evidence and Kavanaugh was forced to take the stand and defend himself. It is very hard to prove that you did not do something, which is why our justice system is set up in a way where you don’t have to. The fact of the matter was that Kavanaugh really had nothing to defend himself against because there was very little evidence. This was clearly a weak attempt to stop Kavanaugh from making it to the top and it failed, which is something the Democrats have been getting used to.