Player Profile: Jordan White

Declan Vargas, Editor

It was the third quarter on August 25th, the ESPN game against St. Thomas Aquinas. Junior Offensive lineman and team captain Jordan White pass sets back into the pocket, protecting quarterback Eric Najarian. As Najarian steps up in the pocket, the defensive end swings around the quarterback, rolling up on White’s leg, breaking his ankle and ending his junior season.

“I remember just setting back in my pass block when I felt someone roll up onto my leg and hearing the cracks from my foot. I remained calm the entire time, the adrenaline of the game didn’t let me feel the pain.” Recalls White.

Standing at 6’3” 300 pounds, Offensive lineman Jordan White, was named as a captain of the team just as a junior. “I was very proud when I was named captain” said White, a 3 star on all ranking sites, and has received 3 division one offers from Syracuse, Maryland, and Georgia Tech.

A talented player who can play all positions on the line and a leader on and off the field, White went into the St. Thomas Aquinas ready to show the world who he was. “I felt I had a really good camp and played well into the scrimmages leading up, I was excited to play on ESPN.”

“When Jordan went down we lost a very talented player, but his leadership shown through as he still motivates us as a team and comes to every game.” Now stricken to a scooter, White remains positive throughout this process. “I don’t know what rehab I have to do yet” said White as he won’t know until he removes his cast. “My plans for the offseason is to get healthy and ready for next season.” White says he has no plans to reclassify and wants to let the world know “I will be back next year, better than ever.”