Senioritis Hits Many Students Hard

Declan Vargas, Editor

For many high school seniors, senioritis hits them and their grades like a bus after finishing their applications, but is it really as bad as it’s made out to be?

Many students begin to see the end of the race and take it easy, leading to this dip in results. “Senioritis started the last few weeks of junior year.” Said Senior Jamie Mathwasa, “I used to be an A minus student but now I am a B minus student.” This is common throughout high schools across the country for students to begin to care less about school and their studies, sitting senioritis as the reason.

A combination of lack of college caring, student laziness and lack of expectations cause Senioritis to have the long reaching affects that is does. “After first quarter, everyone has submitted their applications and nobody really cares about school anymore.” Says senior Trey Taylor. “I sent out all my applications, and colleges don’t really care about our grades after we submit so why should we?” Asks senior Myles Boyd.

“I one hundred percent believe in senioritis,” says Senior Jake Kane. “It first hit me halfway through first quarter.” Says Kane, I had a 3.9 GPA at the beginning but it dropped to a 3.2”

However, there are the rare cases of a student not getting Senioritis. “Senioritis is definitely real I have seen it happen to some of my friends,” says Senior Zack Shieh “It hasn’t really hit me though, I am still doing all my homework and going hard in all my classes. I don’t know why I still am doing everything, I’m just a naturally hard worker I guess.”

If schools want to get rid of Senioritis, it would take a coordinated effort from all three of students, high schools, and colleges, something that will most likely happen. So until that day comes, Senioritis will run through all schools affecting most seniors.