DeMatha makes masks optional


Some students are comfortable without masks in the classroom while others continue to play it safe.

Ethan Ervin, Staff Writer

DeMatha recently made masks optional during school due to the decrease in Covid-19 cases. Students and teachers still have the option to wear their masks if it makes them more comfortable.

Although the decision to lift the mask mandate has been made, weekly Covid tests are still going to happen. This ensures it is safe to go mask-optional, depending on the test results of the students and faculty. Tests will most likely run through April.

Some students are glad that they do not have to wear a mask. Junior Jonny Hughes said, “I enjoy not having to wear a mask because the masks are uncomfortable.” Some students have chosen to continue wearing their masks to be extra safe.

In Prince George’s County, the mask mandate was lifted on February 28, 2022, in indoor public places. This happened almost a week after DeMatha made masks optional. DeMatha noticed the decrease of Covid-19 cases in the area and hopped on it a little bit earlier than some of the other local authorities.

DeMatha is still taking Covid very seriously, as they are still instituting weekly tests. The vaccination rate at DeMatha is very high, which made the decision to lift the mask mandate easier. The school is also ready to go back to requiring masks for students if needed.