Kanye West’s fall from grace


Heath Alexander, Editor

One of the most iconic rappers of all time, Kanye West, now simply Ye, has taken to Instagram after his divorce from Kim Kardashian and is killing his career and image for us all to watch.

Ye and Kardashian divorced earlier this year and, most recently, Kardashian has been in a relationship with the famous comedian and SNL cast member Pete Davidson. Ye has taken to social media, especially Instagram, to whine and complain that his wife is moving on all the while wearing a black bag on his head or talking with his eyes closed for two minutes straight. Ye has also held “live services” on Instagram live where he and his church dress in all black and pray in an empty warehouse.

So what happened? How could someone like Ye, who was on top of the rap game, fall so far into harassing and bullying Pete or, as he likes to call him, “Skete” Davidson and his ex-wife publicly online.

A viral clip of Ye’s “poopity scoop” song has people questioning his sanity and what direction he is taking his career. He released his 10th studio album, Donda, to mixed reviews. Some love it despite its unusualness and others can’t stand it. The album features tracks that are very strange, such as a few minutes of a heartbeat and nothing else.

Most recently he released a music video where he kills and buries Pete Davidson and says God saved him from a car crash in order to kill him.

Many fans are concerned with these recent attacks and are urging him to stop and handle his affairs privately like a mature adult. He has brought his kids into the drama, using them as a way to attack the family and even leaked his daughter’s school in a post. Recently, he has been banned from Instagram for racially abusing Trevor Noah. And during all this, he has started a relationship with a Kim Kardashian look-alike.

All this has to lead to Kanye’s reputation being tarnished and his future uncertain as he loses fans with every post.