Congrats to ‘Coach’ on 25 years at DeMatha


Mr. Turk played at the Junior Ring Ceremony in February.

Keith Minor, Staff Writer

Mr. Jim ‘Coach’ Turk continues to leave a memorable legacy at DeMatha. Whether it stems from his love for Ohio State, his ongoing passion for music, or just his character in the classroom, all of these things lead to the people of DeMatha loving him.

As Coach Turk embarks on his 25th year here at DeMatha, the love and welcome he embraced in the Fall of 1997 has not changed. 

Coach Turk is also an important tool of the school’s success as he serves the leader of the chorus program, including the “Voices of DeMatha”. This chorus is widely known for its graceful and harmonized voices.

Students at DeMatha say that Coach is “supportive and kind,” and “always keeps the class engaged.” One of the ways he makes the classroom fun and lively is the use of nicknames. My own nickname is ‘The Flash.’

Overall, Coach Turk’s 25 years here at DeMatha have been incredibly important to not only the school but the students as well. We look forward to seeing Coach at DeMatha for another 25.