Investment Club offers unique opportunity for students


Henry Lawrence, Staff Writer

DeMatha offers many clubs, some are for entertainment while others are to learn about something not on the curriculum. One of the most beneficial is the Investment Club. The proctor is Mr. Sicko who shares his knowledge about the stock market with members. He points out the many factors that affect the market like bad publicity, inflation, and, currently, war.

Sophomore Anthony Lukban, president of the Investment Club, said the club has been very helpful for him to understand how to make “passive income.” He also said, “You don’t need any experience in the market to join because most concepts are basic and easy to understand.”

This club has potential to make someone a lot of money if invested well, and that is what the club is for. To show this point, the club has an online game where everyone has a certain amount of money, fake money, to invest. This allows the students to do their own research on certain stocks and make or lose money. It allows people to make mistakes and learn from them in order to make more money.

Sophomore Henry Lucas said, “It’s fun how I can invest in random stocks that I’ve never heard of and then sometimes get lucky when they go up.” Henry also said, “I came to the investment club because my friend recommended it, and now I have fun investing and learning how to make smarter investments and I recommend it to a lot of my friends.”