DeMatha Ecology Club Park Cleaning and Service


Alejandro Carr, Staff Writer

On May 17 the DeMatha Ecology Club is doing a park cleaning at the Riverside Drive Park in Riverdale, which was adopted by the ecology club in 2017. The goal of the service is to go out and clean the park, helping to preserve the environment there by, for example, picking up trash and removing English Ivy, an invasive species which is harmful to trees. Some other things that the club has done in the past there included planting trees, putting up bird houses, and cleaning out trash, which one time included a diving board.

The moderators of the club are Mr. Hager and Mrs. Stockton. If you enjoy spreading awareness to ecological issues and want to help improve the environment, you can join the club which would be happy to have more members.

When asked about how she felt about the students cleaning up the park, Mrs. Stockton said, “I think it is great for the planet, getting rid of invasive species and picking up trash that will go on to pollute the Anacostia where the DeMatha crew teams row.”

So far, 10 people have signed up to join in the cleaning of the park on the 17th. The plan is to take a bus right after school to the nearby adopted park and then to work there until they return to the school by 5:00 p.m. Ninth and tenth graders that help will earn two Christian service hours, all of which are due by Friday, May 20. To sign up, email Mrs. Stockton who will communicate to you about what to do and where to be on the 17th after school ends.