New Faces for the SGA


Members of the 2022-23 SGA are led in their first meeting by new SGA President Michael Metz.

Austin Boynes, Editor

The SGA elections for next year have recently taken place at DeMatha. These elections point out who the officers are going to be for next year.

And now that we’ll have some new faces in office next year, let’s see what they have to say about their plans.

Newly inducted SGA President Michael Metz says that he “wants to continue increasing the amount of events we have.” Michael wants more “student input into these events so students have more of what they want.”

Another plan of his is to “increase the attendance of student sections by trying to get a bus system to games and running a lottery system to give out free gear that you get entered in by coming to the games.” Michael wraps up saying that “it’s all centered around increasing fun at events and games by getting more people at them.”

Newly appointed Vice President Nick Sims says that he and Michael are “extremely excited to be in office for the upcoming year at DeMatha.” Nick says, “First and foremost, we’re still trying to figure out how we’re going to maintain Therman’s level of service that he put into the SGA. He was incredible and we’re looking to continue on with as much as we can.” He’d heard Michael saying since day one: “WE WANT THE MOST SPIRIT DEMATHA’S EVER SEEN.”

Nick states that “both Michael and I are extremely pumped to bring as much spirit to DeMatha as possible for homecoming, football games, tag days, whatever it may be, we want to bring all the spirit possible.” The two are already planning for next year’s Homecoming, saying, “We’re back and forth between using the new gym and the old gym as there’s pros and cons to both.” He adds that “Homecoming is still a ways away so we’ve got time to decide.”

Nick and Michael are “also working hard to incorporate more schools than just Seton into our school events. We think there will be more of a turnout at events where students can bring friends or dates from any school they want.”

Nick added, “We’re already planning an SGA retreat for June with the upcoming ‘22-’23 SGA group. We’ve had one meeting so far and it looks like it’ll be a great group of guys.” He says that he and Michael are “excited for the upcoming school year and we hope the students are, too, because at the end of the day, it’s our job to represent the students at DeMatha Catholic as best as possible.”

Therman Hawkins III, now former SGA president at DeMatha, says, “I ran DeMatha in a way that was extremely fun for everyone.” Therman’s goal was to “increase the brotherhood and unity between DM students because we were coming from a full year online, not being able to truly see one another.” He also adds that the different events and tag days “allowed me to do that.”

Even with Covid-19 still lingering around, Therman found that it made his job “not difficult at all.” But he does add that “the only difficult event to really plan was how we were going to have student sections at some of the basketball games because cases were high during the time.” But other than that, “most of the events I planned went smoothly even in the midst of Covid,” Therman said. One of his main priorities was to “make sure everyone was safe.”

With Therman leaving office, he feels that “Nick and Michael are capable of continuing this new era of DeMatha student life for next year, as long as they let the voices of the students be heard in terms of making decisions for the student body.”