The Seniors’ Last Year


Nijel Cross, Staff Writer

Every year at the end of August, the senior class at DeMatha experiences their final first day of high school. Some are relieved to finally be close to the end of high school, others have mixed emotions, and some don’t want it to end. As one chapter comes to a close for them, they are all getting ready to make decisions on where they will begin their next chapter of life in college.

Michael Dixon has expressed that he feels “excited” to be in his last year of high school. Michael said, “I am ready to go out and explore what the world has to offer.” He is excited to leave DeMatha for college where he plans on attending a D1 school to play volleyball.

Fellow senior Isaiah Arnold, who plays on the varsity basketball team, has also expressed excitement for his last year of high school. He said that, “It has been a short and long four years that have gone by.”

He also said to “cherish every moment because it goes by quickly.” Isaiah has said he’s excited to be able to live on his own for the first time and manage things as more of an adult. He is ready to take on that responsibility as he goes out into the world.

Isaiah is still undecided for college and is still in his recruiting process as he plans to continue playing basketball in college.

Jarrod Ghatt, who plays the flute in Wind Ensemble, DeMatha’s highest band, said that he is “excited to have more freedom” and be out on his own for a change. He said his time at DeMatha was both short and long at the same time, but he enjoyed has enjoyed the past three years. He is still in the process of deciding what college he will be attending and whether he will continue playing the flute.

Prince Massaquoi has expressed his excitement to leave DeMatha, as well. He said he is “ready for the next chapter of his life.” His advice to the classes below him is to be open-minded and to not “put all your eggs in one basket.”

Prince is excited to go to college because he is looking forward to the freedom and responsibility that comes with it. He is also looking forward to a new setting, meeting new people and building new connections. He said that the brotherhood, academic support, the teacher availability, and the variety of electives is why he’s glad he chose to come to DeMatha for his high school career.

A common theme among the senior class is the excitement to move on. They all are excited to start a new chapter in their lives and to take on the responsibilities of living more or less on their own. The senior class will be missed, but good luck to them all as they finish their high school careers. Go Stags!