DeMathas 2022-2023 Rule Changes

DeMathas 2022-2023 Rule Changes

Nijel Cross, Staff Writer

Every year DeMatha’s faculty has meetings during the year and after the year as a final close before summer.  They discuss a number of things about how the year is going/went. They are constantly trying to improve the school and give the best opportunities for each kid to learn. With that being said, there are a few changes that are made to DeMatha every year and taking an overview of those changes helps from year to year to see what improvements can be made.

Mr. Jamie O’Connor, who is the associate dean of students, said, “There have been no major rule changes, and if you look at the student handbook there haven’t really been any changes to it.” He’s also said that the goal of all our rules and regulations is to keep the students safe.

Something that has changed this year, is that you MUST have your student ID with you every day otherwise you could possibly receive a demerit as a consequence if you don’t have it. Though there haven’t been many rule changes, Mr. O’Connor said the enforcement of past rules has picked up, such as no phones in hallways and no headphones at all on school campus.

Aside from the rule changes, the schedule has changed a bit from last year. For more on the schedule change, check out Aidan Adams’ story here.

Other than that there have been no rule changes for the 2022-2023 school year at DeMatha. Mr. O’Connor has said their next meeting will be about students wearing sweatshirts during the school day.