DeMatha’s Training Room


Jaden Winston, Staff Writer

DeMatha Catholic High School has been known worldwide for its rich tradition of success, both in academics and athletics. A large part of Dematha’s athletic success is due to the tremendous dedication of their Training Room and staff. Wendy C. Norris, the Head Athletic Trainer, describes DeMatha as a special place that is unexplainable to those who haven’t experienced the feeling firsthand. DeMatha has evolved into a household name not only locally, but nationally.

Ms. Wendy explains her journey to DeMatha as a blessing. Starting off strictly with lacrosse, Ms. Wendy quickly worked her way up the ranks at DeMatha. After only a year with lacrosse, she was introduced to Mr. Moylan and was chosen to fill the void of Athletic Trainer. That was some time ago, but the love and attention Ms. Wendy has to the program is shown day in and day out.

She gives credit to the Student Athletes and the wonderful people she has crossed paths with for keeping her at DeMatha all of these years. When asked what DeMatha means to her, Ms. Wendy describes DeMatha as her new life purpose. She believes that she wasn’t brought to DeMatha by coincidence, and that DeMatha is her reason for living.

She points to the change and growth of DeMatha over the years, but finds beauty in the grounded principles of bringing service to DeMatha. Ms. Wendy is loved by all, and is a huge part of the DeMatha family! Along with Ms. Wendy, the entire training room and staff will continue to pour into the rich traditions and history at DeMatha.