JV Football Stars


Michael Dixon, Staff Writer

JV stars are rarely talked about, even though they will be the new Varsity in the years to come. I had the opportunity to sit down and talk to some of the JV Football players.

Freshman Kia Jones says the reason he picked DeMatha was because he feels that “when I came into my shadow this is where I felt I belonged.” Freshman Lavar Keys says “I picked DeMatha because this was the best option for me, they’ve been showing love for years and now it just feels like home to me. I am grateful to be a stag and part of DeMatha’s brotherhood.” Freshman Benjamin Raines says “ I picked DeMatha because it was not only the best school to develop me as a student, player, and person.”

The sport you play can teach you many different things about yourself. Jones says “football has taught me how to be a man, how to work with others and responsibility.” Similarly, Keys believes  “football has taught me competitiveness, how to become a man, also how to stay focused in life to the point it could take me somewhere. Football also taught me how to meet new people and build relationships.” Raines says “ Football teaches me to be able to work as a team towards a goal while dealing with different challenges and overcoming them”

JV football season is hitting its mid-way point, and when asked about how the season is going, Jones says “ I feel like our season is going well right now. Each week we’re getting better as a team and we are undefeated.” Keys says “I’ve been doing well lately getting my school work done, then coming into the gym ready to work. I have been going 110% in the weight room and on the field just getting better as a player every day”. Raines says “ As a team, we have won every game by a large point difference. Our performance leaves some to be desired, but early in the season, that is to be expected. We will be able to adjust as our season goes on and limit mistakes.”

Since JV is going to be the next varsity soon, I asked around to see what they’re doing to prepare themselves for varsity. Jones says  “I’m preparing myself for varsity by listening to my coaches and taking every opportunity I get seriously. Also, giving my all in practice as well as in the game.” Keys says “JV football’s been going well averaging 2 touchdowns a game. Working hard in every way to help my team win. On the varsity side, I’ve been working my butt off just getting better day by day. When every coach would call me out there with the varsity squad being the ‘little bro’, I love cheering for my teammates.” Rainers says “To be on varsity, I am attempting to gain weight so I can better handle bigger hits. I hit the gym every chance I get and try to eat tons of healthy food limiting sugary foods. I also have a personal trainer that goes over the game film after every week to see what I can improve upon.”

Wishing them good luck for the rest of their season. Go STAGS!