New Addition to the Stag Family!


Jaden Winston, Staff Writer

Every year the DeMatha family is excited to meet and welcome a set of new faces to campus. The family gladly meets new freshmen and faculty, but every year has the opportunity to add new members to the already existing family and classes. 

Senior Mason So transferred to DeMatha for athletics but described DeMatha as more than an athletic school. Mason grew up in the area and, like a lot of others, has heard and experienced his fair share of DeMatha throughout his life. When asked whether DeMatha is all he envisioned from the outside looking in, Mason answered, “No, DeMatha has exceeded my expectations. Being here is just better than I ever imagined.” Mason also elaborated on his feelings of elation for making the jump to DeMatha.

DeMatha is known worldwide for a tradition of brotherhood. As a whole, DeMatha’s inclusivity allows everyone to feel the brotherhood that they pride themselves on. In little more than a month, Mason himself described DeMatha as a true brotherhood with a genuine sense of community, positivity and support. Mason is excited for all the support that is to come this basketball season.

Over the course of Mason’s first month at DeMatha, he has enjoyed branching out from only the basketball team to meet new people. He also finds fun in attending DeMatha’s sporting games. Mason is bound to have a memorable year and grow in the DeMatha brotherhood. The beauty of this all is that, regardless of when he joined the DeMatha family, Mason will now always be a Stag for life!