DeMatha Varsity Soccer: A season review


Darian Simpkins, Staff Writer

Dematha’s varsity soccer season has been a highly anticipated one for sure. After having lost early in the playoffs last year, the team was eager to make some noise the next season. As well as prove that they are on top in the WCAC. In order to do that, they would need to stay locked in and continue to work hard throughout the season. Along with continuing to work hard until they win the championship.

Their first WCAC game was on September 15, a Thursday afternoon at 4 at McNamara. It was a well fought game with good effort from both sides. Unfortunately, our stags couldn’t pull it out, as that game resulted in a 1-2.

After that game the team was looking for a chance to bounce back, a chance to regain momentum. That chance was against St. John’s at home. That game was September 20th, a Tuesday afternoon at 3:30. This was another close game, hard fought, and this time DeMatha came out with the W. This was a great way to bounce back and gain momentum for sure.

Later on was a matchup vs PVI on October 6th. The team felt good going into this game having gained confidence after beating Saint John’s the game before. Despite that fact they could not let their foot off the pedal either, and they knew that for sure. This game was a battle, a much more defense-oriented game. This matchup resulted in a 1-1 tie between the Stags and the Panthers.

Now DeMatha’s record in league play was 3-2-1, not where they wanted to be but they fought, so they couldn’t be too disappointed. After a 10-0 win vs Archbishop Carroll was a matchup vs. Gonzaga, the rivalry games are always the most anticipated. This game did not go as well as they had hoped, but they fought as hard as they could nonetheless. Senior Varsity player Antonio Santos says “despite the loss I could tell my teammates were trying their best to capitalize and score.” Despite the loss, this was a good game to see what improvements needed to be made before playoffs, which are coming up very soon.

Currently at a record of 4-3-2 in conference play, The Varsity Soccer team has not quite lived up to expectations that others may have had for them. Antonio Santos also said “we have games that are very hyped and we are motivated, but don’t sometimes perform to the standards we have.” Despite that fact, they can’t say anything about their effort, because no matter what the result, if you put your all into anything you can’t be bothered by the result, because you did everything you could. If they continue that great work ethic and continue to stay motivated, then they will be more than ready for the playoffs coming up, and ready to bring another trophy to DeMatha.