Did Amazon Prime ruin Thursday Night Football?


Amazon Prime NFL Thursday Night Football Logo

Adonis Johnson, Staff Writer

We are now 9 weeks into the NFL season and have now had time to digest a big move at the beginning of the season that made some people kind of upset. Amazon Prime purchased the right to stream Thursday Night Football for 1 billion dollars. Jack Baer on Yahoo Sports says, “Some people say the experience doesn’t feel right or it feels uncanny”. This was more of a problem earlier in the season, with the buffering and video quality problems they had, but now it is more the atmosphere of a Thursday Night Football game. Lincoln Beasley, a DeMatha student, says that “he does not like the switch from NFL Network to Amazon Prime.” 

Older or less experienced tech people have also experienced trouble finding the games as well when they first started. There were people taking straight to twitter to talk about how the choice of game hosts was weird and how funny it is that a shopping website is streaming a football game. But there was also a decent amount of people who liked the new layout and the angles, quality and player mapping. Although the majority on twitter did not really like the switch. 

My opinion on the matter is that it will take a bit of getting used to, personally, it’s funny seeing an NFL game on amazon prime but at the same time it is a higher quality and a new way of streaming. It takes time to get used to everything like a new house or new keyboard/mouse, we just need to take our time and not trash it because it is not as nostalgic as watching the game on NFL Network. While understandable that some people do not like change, at the same time, maybe change is needed for the future of streaming. I totally get that some people will miss Thursday night football on NFL Network, or the color rush outfits, having more exciting games and being on the edge of your seats during every game, but it’s early to say that Prime has ruined Thursday Night Football in my opinion.  

The change to Amazon Prime is fine because change is needed, sometimes even if it is not wanted. So even if Thursday Night Football is “worse” than it used to be, this is a step in the right direction for the future of NFL streaming games and all of us need to get used to it because it would’ve eventually happened away.