Chase Young’s return


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Darian Simpkins, Staff Writer

Many Washington fans remember the 2019-2020 season, it was one to remember. Between the constant QB changes, and continuing to stay close to .500 all year. One thing is for sure though, The Washington Football Team’s second overall pick that year was definitely worth it. Chase Young had a very exciting rookie season, and he had a lot of fans excited as well.

The year was already off to a great start when he got his first sack in their first game vs the Eagles at home, from then on he was only making more of an impact. He would go on to have 32 solo tackles, 44 combined tackles, 10 TFLs (Tackle for loss), 7.5 sacks, and even a forced fumble that he turned into a touchdown vs the 49ers. That year he made the pro-bowl, and won the AP Defensive Rookie of the Year award.

His next season was not as exciting unfortunately, as he tore his ACL after only 9 games. He wasn’t playing like he did the previous season, looking like he took a step down. He still played better than most edge rushers last season, but he didn’t meet the standard he set for himself the previous season. Which is crazy to say since he managed 1.5 sacks, 15 solo tackles, 3 TFLs,  and 2 forced fumbles. 

Now Chase is returning to practice, he didn’t play in the recent upset vs the Eagles, but he’ll probably be available for week 11 vs the Texans. While some fans are excited, others are hesitant because of how he played the previous season. Senior Anthony Miller disagrees however, saying “Chase Young will have a bounce back season after not doing much last year.” He even added “he can help boost this defense and maybe sneak a wildcard push at the end of the season.” There is plenty of optimism among Commanders fans right now, and for good reason. Their star edge rusher is coming back.