The End of Kanye’s Career?


Carter Jordan, Staff Writer

Kanye West is one of the most prominent and impactful public figures of all time. He became known for his music, but he branched off into many different areas. He went into the clothing industry and has been showcasing his creativity and skill. Kanye continued to get bigger and bigger, but that of course brought about a lot of attention. The thing about Kanye is that he is very controversial. He has become more controversial over the years and has gotten away with some questionable things. But it is seeming like he has taken it a step too far now.

The recent issues started to take place when Kanye hosted his Yeezy fashion show. He walked out in a white lives matter shirt which had everyone confused. He went and talked about the meaning behind it, and he explained that it was meant to bring attention to something else. This caused many people to be upset with Kanye because he was using a shirt with a saying that mocked a racial movement for justice for Black people. People are upset that he is using other people’s struggles to bring attention to him and what he wants people to hear.

After Kanye did this, he did something else that caught people completely off guard. He went on Twitter and tweeted “when I wake up I’m going death con 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE”. This is a reference to what he meant to say which is DEFCON 3. DEFCON is a military term about the levels of alert. This was his way of saying that he wanted to harm and/or kill Jewish people. This stirred up the most uproar from society than we ever saw before with Kanye. Not only did he say the shocking statement, but when he had an interview and was given the opportunity to apologize to the Jewish community, he didn’t. Usually his controversial remarks are talked about for some time, then everybody moves on. There’s usually no negative impact on him in the long run. This time there was much impact.

The first big impact was Kanye’s partnership with Balenciaga. After his comments on the Jewish community, they decided it was too much and cut ties with him. The day after this took place, Vogue ended things with Kanye as well. The next big deal that was cut off, and the most shocking, was with Adidas. Kanye losing his partnership with all of these companies led to him losing over 2 billion dollars. After all of this he still tried to make crazy decisions. He showed up at the Skechers headquarters telling them to do a deal with him. This led to no deal and him getting escorted off of the property. This was a poor decision for him to even try to make because the owners of sketchers are Jewish themselves. Later, Peloton announced that they would no longer play Kanye’s music in future workouts.

It seems like Kayne has lost it all, mentally and physically. He no longer has any good standings with businesses, and is constantly messing up his own life to try and seem above others and their understanding. It seems like Kanye doesn’t ever plan on stopping with his controversial remarks. He doesn’t apologize for them either. He says things to try and make a point in the wrong manner all the time. Unfortunately, as long as he feels like he is in the right, he does and says what he wants with no regard to how others will take it. Only time will tell how much his life will pivot after all of the events that took place and whether or not he will change his ways in the future.