Freshman Basketball


Jaden Winston, Staff Writer

DeMatha basketball is nationally known for being a powerhouse. Producing 18 NBA players, people all over the country know of the name DeMatha. With the season approaching, many incoming students are hoping to live up to the legacy of DeMatha’s basketball program. 

The idea of DeMatha basketball tryouts is daunting for many young basketball players. Oftentimes there can be pressure to make varsity right away and create a name for themselves. In reality, more times than not it’s the hard work along with the talent that defines a player. Sometimes the big names and bright lights of DeMatha basketball outshine the foundation of the program. The program, even for the big names strives to build hardworking and never complacent student-athletes. This process starts from the moment the student becomes a stag!

This year has been no different, as the freshman stags have already hit the ground running. With tryouts approaching next week there has been a sense of excitement and focus. The excitement and focus is palpable, you can feel it as soon you step in the gym. 

Head coach Herb Krusen adds to these feelings and excitement. “The guys have been working very hard, coming in everyday and just getting better.” Coach says when asked how things have been going. Coach anticipates lots of new faces by next week and hopes to add some size to the team. The already fast, athletic and defensive oriented team has Coach Herb Krusen elated for the start of the season.
These tryouts are only the first stepping stone in this exciting new year for the DeMatha freshman basketball team. The stag family shares these feelings with Coach Herb Krusen and cannot wait to see this team grow and succeed through the season!