Varsity Football Championship preview


Luke O'Hare, Staff writer

With the 2022 WCAC football championship coming up the DeMatha Stags will take on the St. John’s Cadets for the title. The stags have had an impressive regular season going 9-1. Last week they beat the Gonzaga Eagles in the semi-finals. The stags started slow in the first half but came out hot in the second scoring touchdown after touchdown. The final score was 28-7 and they are looking championship ready. One of the Stags defensive ends Darian Simpkins said “the game against Gonzaga prepared us for the championship game. The game built up the momentum we have been building up all season.”

Their last matchup against St. John’s ended 17-14. Although the score was close DeMatha seemed like the dominant team the entire game. The Cadets most recent game was played against the Good Counsel Falcons. St. John’s was the underdogs going into the game. Good Counsel had shut the Cadets out in a 24-0 win 2 weeks prior to the game, and believed their next matchup would be similar. St. John’s came out with a different level of intensity and made it clear they wanted the win more than the Falcons.

The 2022 WCAC football championship will without a doubt be a hard fought battle between two very talented teams loaded with division 1 recruits. The game will come down to whichever team wants it more. “Our team [DeMatha] definitely wants to win more. We have worked the hardest and overcome more adversity than St. Johns . We are more prepared, we’re better on all fronts, and in better condition/health.” This was said by defensive tackle  Anthony Miller. The game conditions will be different than any game they have played this year. The weather is supposed to be around 40 degrees at kickoff and drop all the way to the low thirty’s. There will be a lot of eyes on these two teams and only the athletes will decide who brings home the trophy.