Stags Revenge Tour


Andrew Newman and Daman Decker

Last year in the 2021 football season, DeMatha Catholic High School lost in their playoff game 17-15 to Good Counsel. Even though DeMatha is well known for winning, they needed to use this year to make a statement that DeMatha is still on top. They used last year’s loss as motivation to have a good regular season season and made it back to the playoffs where they played Gonzaga highschool after finishing 10-1. They beat Gonzaga 28-7 and showed people that the DeMatha stags still have it. Their season isn’t over yet, and they have the championship game this weekend against St. Johns High School who they bested earlier in the season. Beating them again would solidify how dominate DeMatha really is.

Anthony Miller said that “it feels great to win our playoff game and make it to the championship because it is my first year making it to the championship and I’ve been playing since I was five years old. I was also hurt last year so it feels good.”

Darian Simpkins said that “it feels good to be in the championship because I have been putting in all this work over the summer. I remember how it felt last year when we lost against Good Counsel.”