Washington Wizards: Season Outlook


Darian Simpkins, Staff Writer

The Washington Wizards have been playing a great brand of basketball lately, and it has fans very excited. Everyone is tuning in to watch, as they look to string together good and quality wins early in the season. Momentum is being created and they will ride it for as long as they can, in order to ensure success. The question is however, can this high level of play last throughout the rest of the season?

As many NBA fans remember, Washington was in this position last season. They had a great start early in the season and sat as a top three team in the eastern conference. Fans were excited that year just like they are this year, and for good reason. Their Wizards were playing good basketball. However, that level of play did not continue as the Wizards started losing games left and right, later on in the season they would look like a brand new team. Now, they are in a similar position this year, the question is if fans should expect a different result this time?

What we do know is that the team this year is very different from last year, the main part is the acquisition of  Forward Kristaps Porzingis last season at the trade deadline, he provides great rim protection and is also a great weapon on offense. The Wizards would also add Will Barton and Monte Morris, who provide great perimeter defense, which is what they were missing last year, now the defense is good enough to compete. Also the addition of Kyle Kuzma is still looking great for Washington, he is a huge source of offense and takes a big load off of Bradley Beal. 

With this success, it also means that Washington can’t let up, they can’t slow down. Because according to senior Anthony Miller “the Wizards have been using other teams’ slow starts to their advantage. That is exactly why we can’t let up, because then we could end up losing momentum and go back right where we were last season by the end of it. Which is not what anyone would want, after this kind of start, there’s no reason to let up now. As long as Washington stays healthy and continues to play the way they’ve been playing, they may see a championship in their future.