The Comeback of Victor Oladipo


Darian Simpkins, Staff Writer

During this quarter mark of the 2022-2023 NBA season, Miami Heat fans got a treat as they saw the highly anticipated return of their star guard Victor Oladipo. He was a solid piece of their squad who fit their description of a team full of guys who are scrappy on defense and an amazing work ethic. Unfortunately, a history of injuries slowed Victor down, between his ruptured quad tendon suffered in Jan. 2019 (which required a second surgery in 2021), and an injured knee before this season started. The Heat are currently still taking things slow with Oladipo, as he is still treating the injury currently. The hope is that he can get back to the all-star guard just 3 seasons ago. 

No NBA fan can deny that injuries are a terrible part of the game, and we’ve seen entire careers end because of them. From players like Brandon Roy to Greg Oden, at one point they are playing at an amazing level, as if nothing can stop them, then they get hurt, and some never play the same way again. That was even a fear for Oladipo, as he got carted off the court in Indiana 3 years ago. He was on the All-NBA third team (2018,); All-Defensive first team (2018,); Most Improved Player (2018,); even an NBA steals leader in 2018. However, past that point he hasn’t been looking like himself much. 

The chances of him returning to his former glory are low, just considering how he’s played the past couple of seasons. At the same time however, it isn’t really fair to completely put blame on him as he has only played 42 games since the 2020-2021 season. Nevertheless, even if he doesn’t go back to how he was playing before, that doesn’t mean he can’t make an impact. Senior Anthony Miller agrees, saying that “as long as Victor Oladipo is on the heat he won’t be needed as a top scorer, but as a great defender and energy booster.” he can still help make them a deep playoff run and maybe even bring the trophy back to South Beach.