Off to a Good Start!


Jaden Winston, Writer

Off to a fast start, the JV squad is now 2-0 on the year with victories over Calvin Coolidge and Eleanor Roosevelt. The team has been rolling and firing on all cylinders as they’ve won the first two games by an average of 30 points. Heading into a game against Bullis tomorrow, DeMatha looks to keep this training moving. 

The team hopes to continue playing good defense and getting out in transition. Guard Harper Lewis stated “We have been getting out in transition really well, which has made the games easier and more fun.” Despite their success, head coach Jeff Eaton wants the players’ practice habits to improve. The team has to work on finishing strong in practice, this important because it can easily translate to a game.

Along with consistency, the team is also looking to develop a greater understanding of the sets. “As a unit, we need to work on knowing our plays offensively and defensively,” guard Tyler Stephens said. The focus and attention to detail these young players are displaying explain their early success.

The team continues to take advantage of practices and use them to clean up mistakes and build on things that have been working. Coach Jeff Eaton describes practice time as a chance to simply get better, and that there should be a certain level of focus when approaching. Despite their fairly easy start, the team is still hungry knowing that there will be a higher level of competition coming soon.