Are the Commanders Real Playoff Contenders?


Carter Jordan, Staff Writer

The Commanders have been the underdogs of the NFC East all season long. With injuries and organization troubles, things were looking down for them. The Commanders have been known as an inconsistent and “lucky” team. With the end of the regular season coming up, it’s seeming like the Commanders have proven they are true competitors. The question remains however, do the Commanders really belong in the playoffs? 

The Commanders haven’t lost for some time now and it doesn’t seem like they are slowing down in performance. It is clear that the Commanders are lacking some big time players on both the offensive and defensive end, but with the return of Chase Young and the big plays the receivers have been making, things are looking bright for the team. The Commanders are currently enjoying a much needed bye week and will face the Giants on Sunday night in their next match up. With this bye week, the Commanders will have a good amount of time to prepare for the next game. After seeing the first matchup between the Giants and Commanders, it is safe to say that they are pretty evenly matched. This will be a must watch game and a big decider to how the Commanders future is.