The Damar Hamlin tragedy

Kevin Ellen, Staff writer

On Monday night football in the game Bills versus Bengals with just 5:58 remaining in the first quarter Damar Hamlin, who is a safety for the Buffalo Bills, tackled Wide receiver Tee Higgins of the Bengals. After completing the tackle Hamlin got up then collapsed seconds later. Hamlin received medical attention immediately. Hamlin had suffered cardiac arrest and was transported over to the UC Medical Center in Cincinnati.

Due to Damar Hamlin’s injury The NFL decided to postpone the game then later announced that the game will not be resumed and will be neutral for both teams. This is great news for both teams because they have just witnessed one of the scariest moments in football history. Damar Hamlin is now breathing and awake. The first thing he asked in writing was “Who won the game?” This is a good sign because it shows that he still has his memory intact . 

We went around asking people about what they think about Damar Hamlin’s injury in DeMatha.

Senior Philip Lewis has said “Football is very dangerous, but I hope he has a very safe recovery.”  Sophomore Andy Ruiz feels that people should  “Pray that Damar has a very speedy recovery.” We as the DeMatha Family send our prayers to Damar And his family.