2023 Winter Service Trip

Photo credit: DeMatha Catholic photography

DeMatha Catholic photography

Photo credit: DeMatha Catholic photography

Xavier Sydnor, Staff writer

The winter service trip is a chance for Dematha students to open up their humanity to the outside world. Every year DeMatha students who meet the requirements of being a junior or senior, who has good standing with DeMatha, and decides to help those and need, are taken on a trip to do so. This year the trip takes place in the Romero Center in Camden, New Jersey which a city that has experienced a lot of loss for a variety of different reasons. Camden, New Jersey has a 43% poverty rate according to the world population review.  Knowing this, DeMatha and their students take great pride in helping those in need through serving food, helping repair anything that might be out of order, and simply assisting those who are considered to be disabled.

Camden New Jersey is home to a very large crime rate, as of late 2022 Camden had a violent crime rate of 16.5 out of 1,000 (Per: nj1015.com).  Knowing this, DeMatha leaders and students on the winter service trip want to leave an impact through their faith as well.