FC Barcelona’s’ Improvement Shining In Europe


Andy Ruiz, Staff Writer

Although Last season for FC Barcelona was rough, manager Xavi Hernandez has found a way to make the team stronger and better. Xavi signed and renewed the contracts of players that he needed for this season.

At the beginning of the season, Barcelona went to the U.S. to play in a pre-season tournament in which they played very well and impressed the Americans. During the pre-season they played their biggest rival, Real Madrid, and beat them 1-0 after a goal outside the box by their recent signing Raphael Dias Belloli, known as Raphinha. The team was lighting up and many fans were amazed by the progress. I asked DeMatha sophomore Peter Dignam who said “Barcelona has bright future ballers”.

Throughout the season there were bumps, Barca’s defense looked very strong but after a tough run of games many of them suffered injuries. Ronald Araujo, who is a key defender for Barcelona, was injured for more than 4 months which had a big impact on the team. Fellow centerback Jules Kounde also got injured for 3 months around the same time Araujo did.

Since these two starting defenders were injured, the beginning of the season was very hard.  That meant that the team was forced to rely on an ageing Pique, who is now retired. Many fans have spoken about the situation. Junior John Zuba stated that “An old man can’t defend”.  This resulted in many disappointing results at a crucial part of the season which had left fans upset and confused. Although it was a bumpy ride at first, Barcelona didn’t give up. So far Barcelona’s record is 19-2-1 and they’re 1st on the table in the Spanish league, known as La Liga. They recently won the Supercopa de España 3-1 against rivals Real Madrid.

Barcelona not only is impressing a lot of fans but they’re showing that they have more talent on display than most other clubs. Barcelona is known for having talent that is that is homegrown. One of there main stars, 18 year old Pablo Gavi, has already won the golden boy award for being the best youngster in the world.  If Barcelona continues to keep working hard than they will finish the league first and maintain their reign over Europe.