DeMatha’s success in the Alhambra Tournament

DeMathas success in the Alhambra Tournament

Michael Driscoll, staff writer

Every year since 1968, DeMatha has participated in the Alhambra Catholic Invitational Tournament in Cumberland, Maryland and to no one’s surprise DeMatha has been very successful winning the championship 26 times. The tournament is organized by Wamba Caravan No. 89, International Order of the Alhambra, which is a Catholic fraternal order that was founded in 1904 by William Harper Bennett. Even though many highly ranked teams participate in the tournament every year DeMatha is still able to display its championship caliber skill. The Stags plan to continue their win-streak by capturing their fourth Alhambra championship title in a row.

This year’s field of competitors features the tenth best team in the country, three top ten teams in Maryland, and one top three team in D.C. participating in the tournament. Anthony McClary, who is an eleventh grade varsity basketball player, when asked about the high level competition, said  “I feel good” and mentioned the importance of sending the seniors off with a win and preparing himself for his senior year.

Winning the whole tournament will allow for the Stags to get revenge on the McNamara Mustangs, who are 2-0 against DeMatha this year, and the opportunity to top the WCAC Champions: the St. John’s Cadets. When asked about the importance of the Alhambra tournament, sophmore varsity basketball player Kade Sebastian said that it’s “very important that we win in order to keep our streak of success going” and agreed with Anthony McClary when he mentioned that it was important for the seniors to leave on a winning note. In addition, sophmore Jacob Wallace, who is also a varsity basketball player, mentioned “energy, effort, rebounding, and defense” when talking about what the stags need to do in order to win the whole tournament.

The Stags have made it clear that they’re prepared for anything that’s thrown at them and that they’re hungry for their fourth Alhambra Championship in a row. Throughout the whole season the Stags have displayed their ability to stay positive and bounce back from losses, and even though they haven’t won as many games as they would’ve liked to, the Stags still know they’re capable of beating any team they face. The Alhambra Tournament may represent the final games of the Stags’ season, but there is still time for a final hurrah!