Lamar Jackson future with the Baltimore Ravens


Bryce Harvey, Staff Writer

Just recently the Baltimore Ravens put a non-exclusive franchise tag on star quarterback Lamar Jackson. The ravens seemingly are not willing to pay Lamar Jackson the money he wants. all of this is going on while other quarterbacks have been signing deals recently, granted, some of those quarterbacks aren’t asking for as much money as Lamar Jackson. However, there is a gap in the production level between them.

For Example: Just a few days ago Derek Carr signed a 150 million contract with the New Orleans Saints. The accolades between Derek Carr and Lamar Jackson are worth taking note. Derek Carr in the NFL has been a four time pro bowler while Lamar Jackson is a 2 time pro bowler, First team All-Pro, and won the most valuable player award. Also to mention that Lamar Jackson is five years younger than Derek Carr. So this proves that Lamar should get a much better contract due to success in his career. 

A big Ravens supporter Andre Harvey said “Ravens should pay Lamar Jackson the money he wants because of how much he did for the organization”. Facts could back this statement up, as Lamar Jackson has given his team double digit wins in 4 out of 6 seasons with the Ravens. While NFL fan Coree Harvey thinks otherwise. He said “He wouldn’t pay Lamar Jackson the money he wants because he’s been injured at the end of the season back to back years and hasn’t performed well in the playoffs”. This is also a debated topic, due to Lamar Jackson being 1-3 in the playoffs and is heavily criticized for this record.

Everyone wants to know whether or not Lamar Jackson deserves to be paid by the Ravens or, if the Ravens will let him walk, and, If so, how would the fans feel about this?