DeMatha Tennis Reclaims the Throne


Israel Garcia, Staff Writer

Despite the rather successful past of the tennis program, DeMatha Catholic High School has been experiencing a 14-year drought, not winning a WCAC title for close to a decade and a half. However, as of May 1, DeMatha has found glory once again.

Without a great performance by senior Ameer Muhammad, who showed mental fortitude and profound skill in his singles match against formidable opponent Gonzaga’s Christian Torborg, who was the defending champion, DeMatha could not have claimed the title and taken it back home.

Ameer, known for having a slow start in a multitude of games and pulling through with the victory regardless, stacked up another one of his signature comeback wins in his title-defining game.

“Once I fell behind I had to make sure my emotions were in check because I knew I was able to get back into the game. The game’s not over till its over and to win the championship after falling short last year feels great,” Ameer said following his singles victory.

Despite losing to Paul VI’s Luke Saylor at No. 1 singles, DeMatha demonstrated just how deep the roster goes when junior Jacob Poole pulled through at No. 2 singles and senior Kaleem Muhammad was victorious at No. 5 singles, which helped DeMatha push towards their title.

When asked about coming up short in the previous season, Jacob Poole had this to say. “This championship means a lot especially because of what happened last year; I knew me and my team had made great improvement to begin the season and the WCAC knew it was DeMatha’s title for the taking.”