Andreas Christensen ; The Danish Maldini


Andy Ruiz, Staff Writer

Andreas Christensen is a 27-year-old Danish professional soccer player who has been recently signed by Barcelona, and has been shining in his first year. Before Barcelona, Christensen played for Chelsea and wasn’t being played because of the team Chelsea had before. Christensen wasn’t playing as much as he liked and therefore he lost a lot of confidence. Christensen is still in his prime and he wanted to play. That’s when Barcelona stepped in and showed interest in signing him last summer. Since Christensen was a free agent, Barcelona signed him for free.

When Christensen joined Barcelona, he was instantly moved into the starting squad because Xavi Hernandez, the Manager of Barcelona saw his potential to be a class defender. At the beginning of the season, Christensen struggled a bit because of how Barcelona played with a different style than Chelsea. Once Christensen played his first league games, he started to get used to it and now knew the play style Xavi was aiming him to reach. His career started to be noticed when the team became known for its powerful defense. Alongside Christensen, along side the other defenders Jules Kounde (24), Ronaldo Araujo (24), and Alejandro Blade (19) have formed statistically one of the best defenses in Europe. Fans of the Spanish league and others have noticed how good there defense is, and many people were impressed by how the defense progressed after Christensen’s signing.

I asked Nico Henriquez who is a Junior in DeMatha about his opinion on what he thinks about Christensen being in Barcelona, and he said “He has shown everyone why he deserves to start, especially to the Chelsea fans.” Christensen is by far one of the best transfers of this season. He has shown levels and has proved many people wrong.  Many Barcelona fans are extremely grateful to have him in Barcelona because of his work rate and passion for the sport.