DeMatha Varsity Baseball

Jacob Wallace and Cory Puffett

The DeMatha varsity baseball team finished the season with a pretty solid .720 win percentage, their 18 wins the most for the program since the spring of 2019, according to MaxPreps. It was also the team’s first season with a win percentage above .700 since 2017.

Sophomore Bryce Palms, one of the pitchers on the varsity team, said, “The season went well you know; we had a productive season. We didn’t get to win [the championship], but I had fun playing with my teammates and traveling to different places with them.”

It’s good that the team isn’t overly frustrated and holding their heads after the season that they had. After all, the most important part of sports is having fun and enjoyed playing with each other.  The team got plenty of time to bond together by going on multiple trips together as a team.

Senior Vincent Nicholson Jr., who played left field and center field for the varsity team, talked about one of their trips. “We had a good week in North Carolina… We went 2-1 and were able to experience some things that a lot of teams might not have been able to experience.” They got to spend a lot of time together and this is very important for a team to build chemistry.

The baseball team will look to build on the success of their past two seasons in 2024. After having their 2020 spring cut short with a 2-0 record due to Covid, they weren’t able to train the way they would have liked to and posted a 3-6 record in 2021. Last year the team had a 16-11 record, representing a winning percentage of .593, so the program certainly seems to be heading in the right direction following their 18-7 2023 season.