Trump on DACA

DACA supporters protesting for equal rights.

DACA supporters protesting for equal rights.

DACA supporters protesting for equal rights.

Larry Ukenye, Editor

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The current actions of the Trump administration have left many wondering where the leadership and moral standard of the presidency have gone since President Trump office has taken office. But even if Americans don’t like his policies, the one issue in particular that seems to have been the most divisive has been his decision to end the DACA for the children of illegal immigrants. The way in which many children would be affected leave a permanent blemish on our country’s history.

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program was instituted by President Obama and allows children of illegal immigrants to reprieve deportation. The program also allows them to receive an education, work, and obtain a driver’s license. If Congress is unable to act on the program it could result in the deportation of over 800,000 children who have only known this country their entire lives. Before immigrants can be chosen to receive this program, they must have a completely clear criminal record.

Throughout President Trump’s campaign he promised to take swift action on illegal immigrants who he used vulgar words to describe. But this situation is totally different from the realm of illegal immigration. These are children who have grown up in this country and hold American values. As stated earlier, they have no crimes attached to their name and only wish to stay here and establish something for themselves.

The fact that President Trump wishes to end this program has caused many to question the moral standard that he seems to lack as the President of the United States. These children and young adults didn’t come here illegally, they’re here as a result of their parents. As a nation that has accepted many immigrants from different walks of life throughout our history, it would be wrong to punish these children for the sins of their parents. Many would think that Trump would gain some sort of compassion for immigrants after visiting victims of Hurricane Harvey in Houston, where many DACA recipients live, but he still insists on ruining the lives of many minorities in this country by his harsh rhetoric and complete ignorance.

Although a decision on DACA isn’t completely official since Congress has to act, many children in the U.S. who are recipients of the program are completely terrified of what the government will to do them. It would be an awful look for our country to see hundreds of children dragged out of their schools and workplaces by immigration officers. From Charlottesville to DACA, President Trump has continued to show he is unqualified to hold office and why his administration will go down as the most infamous in the history of American politics.

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Trump on DACA