NHS inducts 54 new members at its annual ceremony

Alex Krukar, Co-Editor-in-Chief

On the night of January 24, 2018, 57 new members were inducted into the National Honor Society, Valois Chapter at an elaborate ceremony in the schools Antler Room. In addition, the new officers for the 2018-19 school year were installed by the current officers at Elizabeth Ann Seton.

The Father James Day OSST award was given to Mr. Hurst, for his contributions to the school in mathematics, and his passion for learning that he shares with his students. Dr. McMahon and Fr. James also addressed all who were present, and Mr. Davies administered the pins, along with Dr. McMahon. The food was provided by Mrs. Stawinski and her staff, and the entire event was overseen and coordinated by Mrs. McGrath.

The new officers in the NHS spoke on the four core principles of the NHS. Zach Shieh, the president-elect, spoke on the virtue of leadership, calling on the great leaders of the past and the good traits they all shared. Vice President-elect Brandon Lewis spoke eloquently on the virtue of character, detailing how every DeMatha student is called to show character every day. Secretary-elect Luke McLaren addressed the crowd on the topic of selflessness, and how it can help you not only in school, but in all aspects of life. Treasurer-elect Alex Krukar briefly spoke on scholarship.

The Father James Day award recipient Mr. Chris Hurst was honored to receive the award, which is voted on by the NHS. He thanked his family and friends, and everyone in the DeMatha community for helping him become who he is today. In particular he thanked Mr. Kelly Llama, who was a mentor to Mr. Hurst and taught him how to be patient and get the most out of his students. He also thanked Dr. McMahon for allowing him to become the teacher he wanted to be and creating an environment at DeMatha that allowed him to be the best teacher he could be.

Father James also spoke. He congratulated all of the inductees on behalf of the board of directors and himself, and spoke about how whenever he needs assistance, he simply calls on an NHS student to help him. Dr. McMahon spoke about the four virtues and how they relate to each other. After much meditation, he came to the conclusion that the relationship between the four virtues is like that of a braid. They are four separate entities, but when they are wound together, they reinforce each other, and create something stronger before.

The NHS is one of the most prestigious groups at DeMatha, and all inductees, new and old, strive to be the best they can be and will continue to help the DeMatha community with the guidance of Mrs. McGrath and Mr. Davies.