Krukar’s Komments: Gun Control


Alex Krukar, Co-Editor-in-Chief

In recent weeks, the American public has been shaken to its core in light of the school shooting at Parkland High School. Many Americans have been calling for stricter gun laws. However, I believe that they are going about it the wrong way. If anything, we need more guns in America, with an emphasis on putting them in the hands of the right people.

The truth is that gun control advocates are scared of guns because they have had no experience with them, and do not know how they work. If we were able to educate the American people on how guns work, and on proper gun safety, then people would be less scared of them. Many gun control advocates could not tell a SIG-M11-A1 from a GLOCK-22, and they wouldn’t know the first thing about safety.

Gun control advocates make their arguments on the false premise that guns kill people, when in fact people kill people. If guns were left out of the hands of mentally ill people, they would not be used to kill others. If someone is planning on committing a mass murder, odds are that a law will not stop them from obtaining a gun. It would be similar to telling a bank robber that he cannot sell drugs because it is illegal. The robber obviously does not care about the law because he robs banks for a living, so he will continue to do what he wants.

It may seem counter-intuitive, but the answer to mass shootings is more guns. If the weapons are in the hands of good people (NOT the Broward County police) who are willing to risk themselves to save many others, than shootings can be prevented. It can take 5 minutes for the police to respond, but it only takes a half a second for a bullet to respond. I feel safer when I am surrounded by responsible gun owners, because I know that threats can be quickly disposed of.