First date jitters and how to get over them

Eli Klopp, editor

Most of us have been there, that time when you truly step into manhood. That time when nothing else seems to matter but that person you are with at the moment. When you overthink almost everything you do because you don’t want to look like a scrub in front of your girl. The struggle we all know as first dates.

Awkward moments are a common interaction when one is on a first date. Often times they seem almost impossible to avoid. It’s best to ask the girl questions that require long detailed answers. Try to get to know the interests of the girl and make sure you actually listen. It won’t look too good if you don’t remember something she told you because you weren’t listening, showing a lack of interest.

“I would probably go to a movie on a first date because you don’t have to say much and you get to a watch a great flick,” said Ahmed Samura. A movie date can be debatable at times because some would think a first date should be somewhere where you can talk and get to know a person more. “I would probably take her on a nice coffee or dinner date,” said Teddy Hughes. It’s best to bring up the place you want to go when you ask her on a date. For example, “Would you like to go to dinner sometime?” This gives the girl a chance to think about the place and know if she really wants to go there with you.

“Love don’t cost a thing.” This is a quote from the famous singer/actor, Jennifer Lopez. This quote will be most liked by the fellas who want to take their girl on a nice date but don’t quite have enough money to exactly take her somewhere real fancy. According to, tandem bikes (a bicycle built for two) could be a good option. You can never go wrong with a ferry ride. This allows you to talk and at the same time get a great view of the scenery around you.

Wherever the date is it’s best for the guy to pay for everything. On the rare occasion that the girl is willing to pay herself you may let her. If you know that you are going on a date where you can’t pay for the both you it’s best to just change the whole date entirely. Paying for the girl shows her that you care and that you must really like her to want to pay for her. “I always pay for dates with my girl,” said Samuel Fenton.

Wherever you first date may be, no matter how much money you spend, just remember the true reason why you guys are on a date in the first place. You guys are there to spend time with each other and get to know one another. Don’t go on a date and be so worried about the material things that you forget to pay attention to the girl you are on the date with. I’m not saying that if you follow the information in this article things will go perfect. But hey, it’s a start.