Ukrainian Border Crisis

Maliik Wood, Staff Writer

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past month you have heard of the invasion and the declaring of war on Ukraine by Russia. It has been televised on all news networks and even regularly spoken about just in conversation.

Over three million Ukrainian citizens have fled from Ukraine. However, what doesn’t make the headlines and isn’t talked about enough is the Nigerian, Asian, and Caribbean population of Ukraine denied the ability to seek refuge in the border countries of Ukraine. There has been video evidence showing the Ukrainian police refusing to let the Nigerian residents of the country board the buses and trains heading towards the Ukraine-Poland border and when trying to plead to the police they were attacked and their cars vandalized.

Many of these Nigerian citizens, who are just students, came to Ukraine for educational purposes and are left with the ultimatum of staying and fighting against the Russians or traveling across Ukraine and attempting to seek refuge in Hungary. The Nigerian government is doing a lot to try and assist the Nigerians in Ukraine but there isn’t much they can do right now besides bring national media attention to it. This story is one of many about people around the world affected by racism and discrimination that has gone unheard and forgotten. However, the media of the world is helping bring attention to this disaster and aid to those in Ukraine to help them through this gruesome war.