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The DeMatha Stagline

The DeMatha Stagline

DeMatha burns Gonzaga merch at bonfire

DeMatha burns Gonzaga merch at bonfire

Corey Wells, Staff writer October 13, 2023

On Thursday, October 5 the BSU hosted the DeMatha bonfire. A lot of students showed up from Seton and DeMatha to have fun and catch up with their old friends. The bonfire had free food like hot dogs, funnel...

A man in Samandag, a city in southern Türkiye, rides his motorcycle down a devastated road.

Credit: AP Photo/Emrah Gurel

“It Was Like the Apocalypse”: The Earthquake in Türkiye and Syria and it’s Consequences

Maximo Legaspi, Editor-in-Chief March 1, 2023

On the night of February 6, a massive earthquake struck the border region of both Türkiye and Syria, causing extensive damages across the two countries. According to the AP, at least 50,000 people have...

The Commercial That Divided Households

The Commercial That Divided Households

Jacques Kearns, Staff Writer February 24, 2023

Couch cushions flipped, screaming and yelling, accusations flying across the room: this was the intention that Tubi had when they decided to create an ad called “Interference Interruption” that would...

China: Covid Lockdowns and Protest

China: Covid Lockdowns and Protest

Alejandro Carr, Contributor January 13, 2023

Back in 2019, at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, China was ground zero for the effects of the new coronavirus. The Chinese government, known for their authoritarian policies, took aggressive measures...

The Details on Kyrie Irvings Suspension

The Details on Kyrie Irving’s Suspension

Adonis Johnson, Staff Writer November 14, 2022

Kyrie Irving has been suspended for at least 5 games by the Brooklyn Nets. He was suspended because of “failure to disavow anti-Semitism”, and he has issued an apology. The 5-game suspension is still...

One of the immigrants who was flown to Marthas Vineyard holds her child as she waits to be get food outside of St. Andrews Episcopal Church in Edgartown, Massachusetts. 

Photo Credit: Ray Ewing/AP

Pawns of the System: The Struggle for Immigrant and Refugee Rights

Maximo Legaspi, Editor-in-Chief October 17, 2022

The arduous journey of an immigrant coming to America is characterized by struggle and sacrifice. Many leave behind homes, jobs, and families to seek out opportunities and a new life. These people come...

How Ukraine liberated six months of territory in eight days

How Ukraine liberated six months of territory in eight days

Heath Alexander, Current Events Editor October 3, 2022

The story of the Ukrainians fighting for their sovereignty has been that of an underdog, the valiant defender of the homeland. Ukraine, fighting with everything they have against the military mammoth of...

Survivors of the floods retrieve bamboo poles from the water in an attempt to rebuild in the Balochistan Province. Many blame the extent of the devastation on shoddy building requirements and government ineptitude. 8/25/22 Credit: Amer Hussain/Reuters

A Disaster of Biblical Proportions: Pakistan Faces Massive Flooding Across the Country

Maximo Legaspi, Editor-in-Chief September 21, 2022

Ever since June, Pakistan has been bombarded with what United Nations secretary general Antonio Guterres calls a “monsoon season on steroids” coupled with melting glaciers in the northern regions,...

The Truth About Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” Bill – Response

Heath Alexander, Editor May 27, 2022

On March 7th of 2022, Florida passed the “Don't Say Gay" bill championed by Florida governor Ron DeSantis. This bill was yet another attack on the school system and the rights of gay parents and their...

The Truth About Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” Bill

The Truth About Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” Bill

Thomas Krukar, Editor in Chief May 27, 2022

In recent months, much coverage has been devoted to a controverisal Florida law signed by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. The parental rights bill has been dubbed by progressives as the “Don’t Say Gay...

The Trinitarian Tradition at DeMatha.

The Trinitarian Tradition at DeMatha.

Darin Martin, Editor May 26, 2022

DeMatha Catholic High School has the honor of being the only Catholic high school in the United States that associates itself with the religious group known as the Trinitarians. The school has established...

Ferdinand Marcos, Jr., appears on stage with his family during a rally. The Marcos family is notorious, among other things, for its nepotism, as Marcos, Jrs son Sandro (left of Marcos) recently became a representative of Ilocos Norte. Credit: Getty Images

The Power of Disinformation, Marcos Style

Maximo Legaspi, Editor May 21, 2022

Today’s technology has allowed for a great number of things. It allows us to be connected with friends and family across the world, to access an entire world’s worth of information, and many other...

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