Student Profile: DJ Chris J


DJ Chris J at a gig.

Lawrence Ukenye, Editor

It’s not often at DeMatha that we have someone talented at Hip Hop music. Chris Jefferies has taken his love of music to another level by DJ’ing parties in the DMV area. Evolving into one of the best young DJs on the local scene, Jefferies seeks to continue to develop his talents on his way through college and beyond.

Jefferies starting DJ’ing in 2016 and his journey got off to a rocky start. He worked long hours trying to develop his craft, and he didn’t receive support from many friends. “I started off with a dream that nobody but myself had faith in.” he said.

It was difficult to get gigs and he struggled using the cheapest equipment he could find. All that began to turn around when he started working with Miles Walker, DeMatha Class of 2016. “He pretty much took me to the next level and helped me become the DJ I am now,” he said about Miles. As time went on and he continued to get better, the number of gigs increased and so did his popularity in the DMV.

Whether it’s lounges, clubs, or concerts he receives calls for gigs all over the area. Chris also has done shows for top local artists as well as show openings for celebrities. Chris seeks to take his passion for music to the next level as college approaches. “It would be nice to maybe DJ for college radio stations; regardless this is something I’d like to do for a long time.”

We always admire those people who follow their passions. But when someone can follow their passion and can be extremely successful that is something worth applauding. Chris has worked his way to become another one of the DMV’s young emerging music talents through his DJ’ing. Because of his work and “no days off” mentality he continues to find success and reaps the rewards of his dedication.