Many students stress during the AP, SAT, and final exam season


Lawrence Ukenye, Editor

Whether its SATs, AP exams, or final exams, students struggle to balance daily life with prepping for exams that could have major impacts on their grades and potential college choices.

Of all upcoming tests, the SAT is probably the one with the most pressure. Considering the test plays a major role in college admissions, many students begin prepping for the test months in advance. Although some students choose to take DeMatha’s SAT prep class, many students usually have to teach themselves how to self-study in order to do well. “I’ve had to learn how study for myself and find different strategies in order to succeed,” said junior Bryce Carter. “Things have gotten really rough, but slowly I’m starting to figure it out.”

The AP test plays a huge role in college admissions due to the fact that students are able to receive college credits if they pass exams. While some of the pressure is alleviated, considering that classes have been prepping for it all year long, students tend to get nervous because the test questions can be extremely challenging. Junior Joe Holliday is taking AP U.S. History and has experienced a tremendous amount of pressure in studying for the exam. “With all the tests we’ve taken all year I’m just waiting for this all to end,” said Holliday. “I’m just hoping that I do well so all the work pays off.”

Final exams also pose a challenge to all DeMatha students. The exams are occur when everyone is ready to go on their summer break; students tend to suffer lapses in focus on a test that is 15% of their total grade. While not every class at DeMatha offers final exams, students generally have to study weeks in advance as well as dig out notes from earlier in the year. “The major challenge for me is recalling all the challenging stuff from earlier in the year,” said junior Andre Clark.

While testing at the end of a school year does present its challenges, one can prep for these tests by beginning in advance and understanding how crucial the exams are. Tests like the SAT and AP exams shouldn’t be put off until the last minute. The little things such as getting a good night’s rest and eating a healthy breakfast all make the testing experience more manageable.