Crew team spring preparation 


Henry Lawrence, Staff Writer

The DeMatha Catholic crew team has two main seasons, in the fall and spring, where they race other boats on the water. However, arguably the most difficult part of the year for most rowers is the winter.

The team does not stop and, over the winter,  continues to get faster on the rowing machines. The winter has been called “burnout season” by the seniors who have experienced a full winter season. 

Junior James Peters said, “The overall morale is very good with the seniors and coaches pushing us beyond our limits.” Fellow junior Gavin Diedrick agrees, adding, “Everyone supports each other and looks beyond their differences.” 

The team, so far, has handled COVID well with very few people testing positive. One other challenge the team faces is the amount of rowing machines they have available. This year, the varsity team has more rowers than rowing machines. This has forced the coaches to split the team into two separate practice groups. 

The team has been able to push through all these challenges so far and have seen big improvements. “The team as a whole has made lots of progress,” says Diedrick, who is looking forward to competing against good crews in the spring.

Coach Andrew Bright has told the team what to look forward to in the spring. He says races will begin in late March and will continue, practically weekly, until graduation. The one weekend he has told the team they will get off is Easter. Besides that, the team will be racing.

The spring season is really where the team begins bringing up the intensity in hopes of winning the Stotesbury Regatta and Nationals at the end of the year.