The Growth of Jeremi Grant


Justen Howard, Staff Writer

As Jerami Grant concludes his season with the fifth NBA team since his professional basketball career began in 2014,  he has shown tremendous growth, making him an even more valuable player.

One of the primary skills he has focused on has been his 3-point shot. While at Syracuse, he rarely attempted to make many 3-point shots. However, as a 6 foot 9 forward, he knew it was important to adapt this skill as more big guys were shooting from the 3-point line.  His 3-point shooting results improved while practicing over the summers on the court of his high school alma mater, DeMatha Catholic High School. 

Going from his first season with Oklahoma, shooting from the 3-point range 37.7% of the time to his current season with the Trailblazers, shooting from the 3-point range 42% of the time, shows his focus on being a more valuable, well rounded player.  “He’s a versatile defender, maybe not a lockdown defender, but has positional versatility on defense. He’s an athletic wing that can shoot as well, which is rare,” says sports columnist Shane Hoffman. 

As the 2022-2023 NBA season concludes, contract negotiations will decide if Jerami will stay with the Trailblazers.  At the beginning of 2023, the Trailblazers offered Jerami a four year $112 million contract extension, but Jerami has not yet agreed, as he is weighing his options.  Jerami said, “Everything is good. I like it here. Really enjoying it. So, yeah … we will discuss it when it’s time.” This non-All Star athlete, with such growth development, has proven to be an asset to the Trailblazers organization, who trusts and respects what Jerami can continue to bring to the team.  Therefore, it will be interesting to see if this fifth team will continue to be a place for him to call home.