Eduardo Camavinga ; The Young Star


Andy Ruiz, Staff Writer

Eduardo Celmi Camavinga has been showing out his talent this season. At only 20 years old, Camavinga is a starter for one of the biggest clubs in the world, Real Madrid. Although he is still very young, he manages to play with high intelligence with the sport and knows how to play the beautiful game. Not only does Camavinga play for Madrid, but also plays for the French National Team, which this year made it to the World Cup finals, losing to Argentina in penalties. Many people admire Camavinga’s work ethic, which inspires many young footballers in the world.

Camavinga is truly a spectacular player and has shown levels this season. Camavinga is a central midfielder but this season he was forced to play left back because of the injuries those players endured. In his new position, Camavinga didn’t let his team down. His defense and work rate were off the charts because of how amazing he has been playing. Camavinga played so well the first time that the coach decided to keep him there in the meantime. His coach, Carlos Ancelotti, appreciated his response to his ideas of putting Camavinga in that position.

Junior Nico Henriquez is a Premier League fan and shared his thoughts on Camavinga. “I think he has been playing very well, he has so much talent for more than one position.”  Camavinga is truly one of the best youngsters in the world right now. He has many more years to progress and get better. He is very serious when it comes to the game. Camavinga does anything for his badge, which is one of the big reasons why he is a top-level player playing on two good teams which are supported by his work ethic and dedication to the sport.