Here’s why everyone should travel!


Trips around the globe lead to exciting adventures and expand an individual’s knowledge.

Moises Alvarez, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Did you know there is a world outside of your small, all too familiar home? Travel is important to learn more about the world and to experience life in a different environment. So much can be learned and discovered during a trip overseas. It doesn’t matter where the individual travels as long as the desired location is not too close to home so that you can be immersed in another culture.

Perhaps the most obvious reason why everyone should travel is to visit various countries with interesting monuments and structures. For example, people might want to go to China to walk by the Great Wall of China. Some people might want to go to the United States to visit the National Mall and the monuments in Washington, DC. Other travelers might want to see the Eiffel Tower in Paris France. There is so much significant history in the world to explore!

New ideas can be learned from other cultures. A person might realize, “Hey, maybe that way of doing things is easier” or “Wow, who knew this way works too?” Your mind is no longer limited to the setting of his/her hometown! A person can be exposed to different customs and beliefs and learn about the lifestyle. It truly expands one’s perspective on the world.

The culture is a major factor in traveling. Many individuals broaden their horizons by living a different life during their time in a foreign country. You could eat new foods and taste different spices. One could be amazed by the different languages and dialects spoken abroad. One could be intrigued by different styles of clothing and cultural garments. One could simply learn the history and significance of the culture of the region.

Furthermore, travelers can meet new people and make new friends. The local residents can be a change from the common townsman in one’s residence. =An individual can meet different people with different lifestyles coming from different worlds. There is a strong chance one can interact with them and even become life-long friends. Subsequently, travelers and foreigners can exchange ideas and realize new perspectives.

Lastly and perhaps most importantly is that you develop new skills along the way. It’s all a learning process. Once you head to the airport and navigate through security and customs, a skill of travel is learned. In a way, individuals become freer because they are knowledgeable about the travel process, which in turn grants them the ability to travel to far, far places. Moreover, the traveler learns during the experiences abroad. You can develop better social skills, as well as learn more about him/herself through new perspectives, interactions, and experiences. Words cannot describe the true meaning of travel and all it encompasses.